Re posting of the second movie’s script (few posts ago)

Put the first two of my Sunman’s movies’ scripts up. Of been, or rather get be, updated and revised in a top notch way. Didn’t know what to do, esp in the current position I am. Maybe, someone see who’d like take on revamping everything. I’ve also prequel and couple sequel (the later not fully complete) scripts. Today, if was given the impedes and support (help), I’d go other these with another writer, and see what could be changed. Like make Sky and Sunman and the movies’ auras come out much more enjoyably gusto engaging. The dark tone (family crisis of thing to overcome) of the situation of first two movies has a bearing on things though, that Sky has to overcome emotionally.

My site has the whooping worth of 8 hundred according to GoDaddy. If a production studio were to offer me a million, and a commitment to trying accomplish the things I wanted for the world of my Sunman be like, an antidote of positive vibe and uplifting subtlety of aura, with the time to breathe in things like the ocean’s serenity, and scenes where nothing takes place but skydiving or presenting the wondrous of the world about, and the engaging relationships of the characters, and a movie scape where the never-ending crassness and loud violence of the usual fare is taken down to the bare minimum. I think a lot of the movie fare is way too focused on the very dark and vile. Like the movie my sister took me out to last night: Remembrance. Cringey stuff in that, overboard on that.

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